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Studio Capri

Studio Capri is the independent and multi-disciplinary studio of graphic artist and designer Lydia Caprani. With experience in both community arts and graphic design, the studio brings a unique artistic approach to creative projects. 

Specialising in graphic design and illustration for the arts and cultural sector, as well as leading exciting arts projects. From facilitating workshops to designing participatory murals, Studio Capri is passionate about public engagement with the arts.  


"Lydia is not only incredibly talented but really great to work with. It's important we have an artist who can connect with people - Lydia is just that - we have received numerous glowing reports about how much our 
volunteers and community enjoy working with her. She brings an artistic but people-centred approach to her projects and is also organised and efficient - a pleasure to work with. "

Community Projects Co-ordinator
     Absolutely Cultured

Logo brand design and tote bag for education and galleries. Generation Hull branding by Hull artist and designer Lydia Caprani.

Graphic Design

Playful design and illustration specialising
in the arts and cultural sector.

People painting in community arts mural. Community murals by Hull artist Lydia Caprani.


Engagement with communities through
exciting participatory projects.

Colourful tile pattern mural in Hull by artist and muralist Lydia Caprani.


Site specific artwork celebrating 

community identity.

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