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Generation Hull

Generation Hull is a local cultural education partnership which connects partners from the arts, health and education sectors to provide young people access to creative opportunities in the city of Hull, UK. 

The first organisation of its kind in the city, the visual identity was designed with bold iconography to create a recognisable brand mark and immediate presence. Lemur was chosen as the main brand font as it clean and professional to appeal to adult stakeholders, whilst retaining a playful and accessible tone of voice for Generation Hull's young audience.

We worked with Lydia to develop branding for Generation Hull, a partnership that aims to connect children and young people to arts and culture opportunities. She took our vision and objectives and created a brand that would engage adult stakeholders, as well as developing something that could be adapted for our young audience. Lydia has provided graphic design for Bags of Creativity and worked to incredibly tight deadlines, going the extra mile to make our project a success and also look fantastic.

 - Roisha Wardlaw

     Generation Hull

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