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Terrace Enders

Collaborating with Belfast-based street artist Kev Largey, Lydia helped paint the 17-metre

tall fisherman on the side of Halfway pub, remembering the lives of those that never came home. Located at the top of Hessle Road, the mural was one of two as part of Goodwin Development Trust’s Terrace Enders project, painted by Irish muralists Mark Ervine and Kev Largey, and Hull-based artists Andy Pea, Lydia Caprani and Sharon Darley across two weeks during Hull 2017’s Roots & Routes season.


Hull 2017 article here

Commissioned by Hull City of Culture 2017, two new works of public art created lasting monuments for Hessle Road’s rich fishing industry history.

Launch Day

The murals were revealed to Hessle Road at a celebratory and poignant event featuring The Headscarf Revolutionaries and a spoken word performance by Steve Cobby. Thank you to all that attended. 

Photography: Tom Aaron ©

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