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University Quarter

As part of the ongoing regeneration of a student area, two archways were ambitiously transformed through bright colour and bold illustration.

Student property group Kexgill approached Studio Capri to brighten up two doors with something that mixed their contemporary brand, our established love of the decorative, and maybe even a nod to the area's past. The group is responsible for the newly established and University Quarter, a multi-million pound investment into housing surrounding the Hull University campus, which meant the design needed to reflect their forward-thinking and contemporary company whilst retaining a playful character. 


The Process

Through research we were thrilled to discover that many of the University Quarter owned properties feature chequered footpaths, which according to old folklore of Hull fishermen, are lucky. In the words of local social-folk historian Alex Gill, "The Devil cannot stand the bedazzling shape and keeps well away." The superstition is rooted in the Hessle Road community, a starkly different postcode to the leafy surrounds of Hull Uni, so instead inspiration was loosely explored the concept of adornation as a form of protection, such as Japanese Oni-gawara tiles.

A series of folk-art style illustrations featuring mythical fauna and flora were proposed. Bold, bright, and striking designs were created, to ward off evil spirits and protect homes in newly imagined lore. The doorways were painted to turn heads in contrasting black and University Quarter's brand yellow, with patterns built from deconstructed elements and shapes from their logo and identity. 

"The development of the University Quarter in Hull is something I take very seriously.  It is

a £45m investment in a distinct area adjoining the University campus. The requirement was for an added a note of interest with a nod to the rich heritage of Hull.

Lydia delivered with a thoughtful presentation of ideas and thereafter a well-executed painting schedule. Feedback has been extremely positive and even a tote bag range showing part of the design is proving popular."

 - Richard Stott

     Managing Director, Kexgill Group and University Quarter

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