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Digital December

Wintry illustration and graphic design for Hull Museum's

Digital December advent calendar and activity book, engaging audiences from the safety of their homes.

Artists and curators were commissioned to create artistic responses to items and objects in Hull Museum's 2020 winter collection, bringing seasonal treats to social media as a digital advent calendar. From designing digital assets to illustrating a 20 page activity book available for download, Studio Capri created a wintry family-friendly brand to bring consistency to every artist submission. 

Looking for something to keep you busy on cold winter days? The Winter Wonderland booklet is packed with festive creative ideas. Designed with children in mind, including art, craft, song writing and more, there’s something for everyone. Download your free copy here.

Printed copies were successfully distributed to vulnerable children via Hull City Council children and young people’s services in time for the Christmas holidays.

Lydia's own artistic response, a Victorian ice-skating inspired film made in collaboration with musician Tom Hill, can be viewed here.

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