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Journey On Ice

In response to the ever-changing Covid-19 restrictions, Hull Museum's 2020 winter collection went online as the Digital December advent calendar. Alongside other artists and curators, Lydia was commissioned to create an artistic response to objects in the collection, to inspire audiences at home. 

Responding to Victorian photos of skaters on Pearson Park pond, the short film was inspired by the early sport of figure skating, in particular the practice of ‘special figures’ in the early 1900’s. Additional vintage imagery was sourced to imagine a fictional life of the boy on Pearson Park, growing up to master the sport. 


Created by musician Tom Hill, the accompanying soundscape was inspired by a photograph of early 1900 ice-skates which can be heard moving from left to right. The music is a waltz played on piano, bass guitar and glockenspiel, to achieve a wintery sound.

A Journey On Ice

A Journey On Ice

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