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Tiny Tiles!

For this year's art day, local school Dorchester Primary learned about me and made their own tiles!

Each year group approached the task differently to match their curriculum, with some painting, some collaging, and some carving relief patterns into clay. Every single year group blew me away with their pattern designs and drawing skills, even the foundation class managed to replicate their scribbles and circles almost exactly from their design sheet to their wooden tile (which is like 90% of a successful mural!)

I was unable to visit on the original Art Day as I was painting the Peel Street mural so filmed the students a guided tour of the scaffolding and mural in progress and was invited back a month later. During my visit I did a Q&A with each class and then we shared creations; the students showed me their tiles and workbooks, whilst I let them browse old sketchbooks. I left so inspired by the talent and enthusiasm of all the pupils and huge credit to Miss Townsend and the staff for encouraging creativity!

Some photos courtesy of the school's twitter.


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