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2020: year of adaptation

As for many creatives, Covid-19 has had a significant impact on my work, with leads fizzling out, projects postponed, and funding redirected to meet new demands. Planning has become a disheartening task - unable to pindown dates in the abyss - coupled with fluctuating motivation. I feel grateful to have at least worked on two projects in line with the year's original intentions; designing artwork for signal cabs and currently creating tiles to be publicly installed. Overall the pandemic has been an interesting exercise in adapting my practice, swapping workshops and murals for a lot more screen-time on digital projects. Studio Capri is an alias which has given me the freedom (and separation!) to pursue design and illustrative work without worrying too much about whether it 'fits' my art or looks confusing to potential funders scoping out my website. I am extremely grateful for receiving an Arts Council Emergency Covid-19 Grant early on, who recognised the need for time and space to figure things out. Priority was adapting my services by utilising my Graphic Arts & Design degree more confidently, to earn a living through the pandemic after losing my job. This has included fleshing out the Studio Capri half of my site, and slowly building it's portfolio with design and illustration commissions. It was also a time to reflect on my older work. How I can explore themes of prior interest with the new skills acquired over the last 5 years?

I look forward to developing this work further, hopefully blurring the lines between my skills and continuing to bring creativity to design projects. But not as much as I look forward to working with people and paint again.


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