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Hull Signal Cab artwork

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Artwork unique to Hull will start appearing on traffic signal control boxes in the city. In bid to tackle graffiti and vandalism, Hull City Council is embarking on a trial to redesign some of the city’s most targeted signal control boxes by covering them in artwork created by local artists. Ten sites along the stretch of Beverley Road will be adorned with pieces of art to try and bring a pop of colour to the busy route, while recognising the city’s cultural status. It is hoped the art will help to alleviate anti-social behaviour with cites across the country having successfully trialled this scheme. Councillor Daren Hale, portfolio holder for regeneration at Hull City Council, said: “Art can be found in the unlikeliest of places, and from today, people will begin to see unique pieces of artwork appearing on signal control boxes across the city. “Honing and celebrating the artistic skills that are thriving within our local arts communities was a key aspect of this project, and by asking them to take advantage of naturally occurring canvasses such as street furniture, we are continuing our legacy as a cultural status and deterring vandalism and damage to council property. “As a result, people will be able to enjoy high-quality, artistic content on this main arterial route.” The three artists commissioned to begin this work include Mike Emberton, Lydia Caprani and Sean Azzopardi. Lydia said: “The project is not only an exciting opportunity to bring flourishes of art to the city, but also a creative solution for alleviating vandalism in a way which supports and celebrates local artistic talent. “I look forward to seeing the final designs installed and hope they bring joy to both their surroundings and to the public.” If the scheme is successful, it could be rolled out across the city.

Original published at HullCC News.


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