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Lockdown Lives

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Through a one on one drawing project, I was recently commissioned by Absolutely Cultured to create a candid snapshot of the public’s thoughts, hopes and fears surrounding coronavirus and life in lockdown. Fifteen volunteers were randomly selected to participate in having their blind portrait drawn (drawn by not looking at the paper) over webcam, alongside a friendly chat about their current circumstances. With wobbly and unpredictable drawings, the project’s focus is less about the artistic outcome, but instead a catalyst for a positive experience, creating connection during contact-starved lockdown. The drawings are paired with short writings based on the conversations had, creating a small window into the personal uncertainties we face. To view the full gallery of portraits, visit the dedicated project page on Absolutely Cultured's site. You can also view the other artists' work from the Creative Micro-Commission Programme here.


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